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Jun 27, 2010

Playfully Provocative

I feel like it's about time we pay tribute to the almighty fashion and beauty photographer Ellen von Unwerth in a post.

Before becoming a photographer, Ellen von Unwerth was a fashion model for ten years (that's her in the picture on the right). She then took her skills in sensual photographs and placed herself behind the lens, rather than infront of it. This woman has practically photographed nearly every iconic woman in popular culture!

Without further adieu...lets marvel at some of her shots!

She recently did a photoshoot with Christina Aguilera for OUT magazine. So superb, it's definitely one of my favourites of hers.

Jun 13, 2010

Can you draw David Beckham?

...with your FEET?

Nathan Wyburn can.

I've been subscribed to this fellow for quite a while now, always admiring whatever video he puts up of himself making art...

But never have I seen someone draw with their feet. And do it so well, nonetheless.

Bravo, Nathan!

Jun 8, 2010

Ale Ale Alejandro!

Warning: Long blog post ahead.
But if you want to read a well-thought analysis on the Alejandro video, please continue. :)

As we have stated a hundred times already, Mustart has been dead, and you can blame school for that. We still have another two weeks until we're done. :(

But Alejandro just came out today! I couldn't help but ditch my school work for one night to blog about this. Oh I love Lady Gaga so much. So so so much. Huge fan over here, yup. In fact I'll be seeing her live at the Monster Ball on July 11. Excited! ♥
Gaga's latest 9-minute masterpiece was directed by the art genius Steven Klein.
Klein, who is a photographer, has a long list of clients, including but not limited to Interview Magazine, V Magazine, Vogue, GQ, POP, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, D&G, Yves Saint Laurent, and the magnificent Madonna. He is well known for his eerie, vulgar, homoerotic imagery he uses in his photography, which evidently maneuvered it's way into the Alejandro video.
Immediately, I had to take matters into my own hands and dissect this video to the best of my ability. You gotta love this woman for her ambiguity; she never limits herself as an artist. She manages to take songs that seemingly have one literal meaning, and twists them through her performances and music videos.

I haven't had the chance to fully comprehend this video as of yet, there's still much to fish out and discover.

Here we go.
Starting off, the video opens with a group of gay men marching together as an army of soldiers. My belief is that they are marching together as united individuals who have a war to win with religious groups in society and the government, who do not accept them and thus, discriminate.