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Mar 29, 2010

You'd Better Find Some Rhythm Cause They're Playing Bad Romance.

It's Music Monday again.
Above Picture by ME! (C) N.B.
Yes, Bad Romance is included in the title of this post, however, the song is actually BEAT DROP by SIMON CURTIS.

Simon Curtis is currently unsigned and unknown in the mainstream world, but that's all about to change. His popularity is growing quickly, and in the last few days his FREE album, 8Bit Heart, has been downloaded a couple thousand times. There's no doubt we're loving the beats he's dropping, so if you haven't downloaded his FREE album yet, join the hype and do so now by going on his website WWW.SIMON-CURTIS.COM. Everyone loves a good dose of pop!

I personally can't wait until he gets signed and starts to get some airplay.

ENJOY and don't forget to download 8Bit Heart! Have a great Monday!!

Mar 28, 2010


 “I just try to show people the way I see the world.”

No, I'm not talking about the obnoxious song by "LMFAO", I'm talking about photographic shots. I found out about Tyler Shields while I was browsing Flickr one day. Someone had commented on a photo of someone elses and said "So Tyler Shields, LOVE IT". Me, being the curious amateur, decided to Google this "Tyler Shields" fellow. I fell in love with his work instantly. Shields got into the industry at the mere age of 20 (Damn, I'm jealous). For 7 years now, he's been taking the term "Photography" to the extreme, effortlessly. His photographs are modern, like it, or hate it, it's still art. Of course, his work couldn't be considered as "snapshots", as you can tell he puts a lot of effort. It's a wonder how he gets some of the celebrities he takes photos of to do the crazy things he comes up with. His work has been published all over the place, including Rolling Stone and Vogue Italia(BIG DEAL!!!!!). From Ashley Greene to Oscar Nominee Anna Kendrick, Tyler Shields has got beautiful photographs, with beautiful models.
Ah, Sean Faris. Lovely. I said beautiful didn't I?
 See what I mean when I say imaginative?
He's like the Lady Gaga of Photography.

Mar 27, 2010

Realism at it's best.

As realistic as this's not.
JAMIE SALMON is a British born, Vancouver resident, contemporary sculptor. He specialises in photorealistic sculpture, utilizing materials such as silicone rubber, fibre glass, acrylic and human hair.

The themes of Salmon's work are varied. He says "I like to use the human form as a way of exploring the nature of what we consider to be "real" and how we react when our visual perceptions of this reality are challenged. In our modern society we have become obsessed with our outward appearance, and now with modern technology we are able to alter this in almost anyway we desire. How does this outward change affect us and how we are perceived by others?" (Source)
Source: My Modern Met

Saturday Shades #2

I encourage you all to see the other styles they have to offer on their website. They are very creative.

Have a great saturday!

fritART #4

Femme by Pablo Picasso
Oil on Canvas

"Art is a lie that makes us realize truth."

Mar 25, 2010

Ahh, Mr. Treacy

Philip Treacy and Norman Parkinson
Phillip Treacy is notoriously known for his wacky designs and out-of-this world ideas. As Nedda Ebo would say,
Phillip Treacy = Mad Hatter.
Check out the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection on his website
Love this. Could YOU rock it?
Glove Hat

Mar 23, 2010

It's not my fault, this is how my momma MADE ME.

Music Monday #4!

Who are the Semi Precious Weapons? Well, if you're a crazed GaGa fan, you'll definitely know who this band of eccentric males are. Headlining with the Lady herself, the band pushes male boundaries while widening their fanbase. If the Monster Ball is coming your way, check out the whacky Lady Gaga and her headliners, Semi Precious Weapons!

I've been obsessed with today's Music Monday song, Magnetic Baby.

I've been magnetic since I was a baby!

Mar 21, 2010


Hot Mess

Girl Next Door

Nedda Ebo convinced me to post some of my own photos. I use a Canon 350D(First Generation Rebel), she's ma baby.

Mar 20, 2010

YvES saint laurent

Spring has arrrrrrrrrived.. and so has the Fashion. Well, it's always been there but now its back to light cottons and cardigans (instead of ze fur and heavy wool). Yves Saint Laurent always manages to keep his spring line looking sleek and sophisticated--with barely any colour. His spring collection this year consists of organic and pastel colours, with a lot of black and white (more ivory I guess).
This first piece is something I can imagine being worn on a sunny day out in Pari√© (totally just felt like putting the ¨√©" in). The overlapping down at the bottom gives it more of an edge than just a plain-straight-down-skirt. Yahknowwhattimean?
I absolutely LOVE the little petticoat at the top. The colour adds zest to the outfit, which consists of highrise shorts and a brown leather belt to accentuate the waist.

Saturday Shades #1

I love Sunglasses.

So, every Saturday, I'm going to do a post on some sunglasses that I'm diggin'.

Lately I've been lusting over a few pairs by Super. Click HERE for this brand's website.

Let me introduce you to them! Meet Andrea:
Meet Lucia:

And meet my personal favourite, W:
What do you guys think? Which pair is YOUR favourite?

fritART #3

THE ELEPHANTS by Salvador Dali
1948, Oil on Canvas

Mar 17, 2010



This wonderful piece is by Richard J. Evans. Here is his blog:

His description: "What I tried to do was visually represent the way information is so easily leaked into today’s society, through the Internet and television. Pretty much anything you can imagine, you can get your hands on. With such an abundance of information, I feel as though it over-flows into our lives and the typography is purposefully hard to read to reflect this."

I think he presented this beautifully and did a fabulous job. Very profound! More photos below the jump.

Mar 16, 2010

Major Tripfest

You'll love this.
The artist? Alexa Meade.
She has a website:
This is so backwards in such a good way--instead of applying paint on a canvas, she applies paint onto her subjects, making them look like paintings. Check out the photos below! You'll be blown away.

Source: My Modern Met

Mar 15, 2010

Pick up the phone!

It's music monday!

And today's song is.........

Pick Up the Phone by Dragonette.

Enjoy! Have a great monday!

Mar 12, 2010

fritART #2

In the spirit of the new release for Lady Gaga's latest video, Telephone (which you REALLY need to watch)...
By Andy Warhol.

"I think that's the best thing in life: keeping busy."

K-kinda busy, k-kinda busy, sorry I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy...

Mar 8, 2010

Fooled You Again

Just kidding!

It's that time of the week again: Music Monday! This Monday's song is Fooled Me Again by Lady Gaga. It's an old, unreleased ballad that got leaked. Beaaaaaautiful song. Fatty Feliux has been listening to it on repeat lately. ;)

And here it is...

Studio version:

Live version (which I think sounds better):

Hope you like the song, and have a great Monday, everyone!

Mar 7, 2010

Glue is Good: Gluekit

While browsing this morning, I noticed the image behind the article titled "Music's Top 40 Money Makers." (Interesting read, by the way--you should check it out).
I think it's great; very appealing to the eye. And of course, it's pop art style, which I am a total sucker for, so I obviously love it. Notice in the corner it says Illustration by Gluekit. "Who is Gluekit?" I asked myself, then proceeded to type it in everyone's good friend Google.

Oh, here we go:

Turns out Gluekit is two people, Kathleen and Christopher, who make illustrations, graphics, and lettering. They have a long list of clients, including famous names such as Glamour, GQ, Maxim, New York Times, Nylon, Oprah, Rolling Stone, Urban Outfitters--and the list goes on.

Really digging their work, you guys. Here is a select few of their illustrations:


And that's only part of it.
BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MORE ON THEIR WEBSITE HERE! Also, they have a blog. Follow it! I know I am.

Fall 2010 Favourites Part 2

Hello hello! We're back with Fall 2010 Favourites Part 2. I should have posted this days ago, but I was busy. Sorry for being a little late! One thing I dislike about technology--you need to be up-to-date with everything, but I like to just sit back and digest things. Anyway, enough babbling.

To your right, that is Jasmine Di Milo. Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy anything in her collection, but this dress is so cute! I love jigsaw puzzles, even though I don't do them anymore, but it was a childhood hobby. I always think it's nice when fashion--or any work of art--is reminiscent of the past.

Now, let's talk about Versace.
What's so great about these is the way they've mixed leather with fabric. It's being done quite a bit on the runways, actually. And I'm enjoying it! But what I loved most about the collection are these dresses:

Mar 6, 2010

Nasty Photo(orwhateverthatis)shop

Taylor Swift on the cover of OOPS! Magazine.
Yeah, Oops is right, shittiest and most creepy magazine cover I've ever seen. Seriously, photoshopping magazine covers has a limit you know. Swift's eyes are naturally blue, they didn't need to go and make her look like the devils right hand man--or woman in this case. She looks like an ice queen, or possessed, or just.. plain creepy.

What do you think of the cover?