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Mar 3, 2010

Maybe you shouldn't be a FREAK.

On Monday, the song Freak by Estelle was featured for Music Monday.
Yesterday, the music video was released. Since I liked the song, I thought the video would be good, too. Wrong. If you have not watched the music video above already, do so now.

In Monday's post, Fatty Feliux stated that "Estelle's back." Well, go crawl back into your hole, because you just produced the crappiest music video ever. To me, this looks like she is just trying to jump on the "Freak" bandwagon, trying to fit in with Lady Gaga and Rihanna. I think many people are missing the point--it's not about being a freak because it's cool, it's about being yourself.

This video is really just too random. And when you combine a video this random with a song called "Freak" in an era where the freaks are rising to the top, you know someone is trying hard. It's empty, and sometimes empty videos are good--especially when paired with some great choreography--and sometimes they end up being stupid, like this.

Thoughts? How did you feel about the video?

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