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Jul 13, 2010

Rabia Zagarpur

.. is a fabulous Muslim designer. She takes modern day fashion, and adds it into the Middle Eastern palette. Rabia is a United Arab Emirates born fashion designer, who studied Business and Fashion Design in the US. She attended Esmod(French Fashion Uni) and in October 2007, debuted her collection at the Dubai International Fashion Week. There, she stirred a lot of buzz being a new designer, and eventually won the "Emerging Talent Competition". In 2008, Rabia went on to win the British Council's regional "International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year" award. She still maintains her fashion forward thoughts, all while holding firm to her faith, Islam. This woman is extraordinary in what she does, and has taken Hijab(head covering) style, to the essence of beauty. Oh, what I would give to have a piece of her collection!

Taking a little bit of the harem pants style.. and a little hijab to it! LOVE this piece, my favourite. Rabia's collection consists of the not-so-norm head coverings. The way the hijabs fit on each models head in a different and more versatile way can't be anything but brilliant.

Check out her website here!
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Music Monday(s)

Since we missed so many music Monday posts, here's a bunch of good songs to quench your music thirst. You can never go wrong with a bit of Gaga and Coldplay... and more!
Most of these songs are of the popular variety, but I couldn't help but add them. You know.. sometimes most of us are just out of the loop.

Bad Romance Cover - 30 Seconds to Mars

Nedda is a huge Gaga fan, and soon she will post pictures from the recent Monster Ball concert tour she attended! Trust me, you wont want to miss these shots, brilliant photos and stories to tell.

Heads will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Deepest Apologies

So, if you're one of our avid readers, then you should've realized by now that Ebo and I have not blogged in.... forever. Well, Nedda has more of a stand than I do, seeing as she actually took the time out of the hectic festivities to get online and blog.

I know the last blurb-blah blog we wrote was totally rendering towards the "I swear we'll blog every day route", but we totally lied. Well, not lied, but told half-truths. Both Nedda and I enrolled in summer school, and that has kept us busy. However, due to lazy reasons and tiresome days, I've dropped out. So, you'll probably be seeing a lot more of me.

Now enough with the babbling. I suggest you don't even count this as a blog post.. seeing as its full of (legitimate excuses).