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Jul 13, 2010

Rabia Zagarpur

.. is a fabulous Muslim designer. She takes modern day fashion, and adds it into the Middle Eastern palette. Rabia is a United Arab Emirates born fashion designer, who studied Business and Fashion Design in the US. She attended Esmod(French Fashion Uni) and in October 2007, debuted her collection at the Dubai International Fashion Week. There, she stirred a lot of buzz being a new designer, and eventually won the "Emerging Talent Competition". In 2008, Rabia went on to win the British Council's regional "International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year" award. She still maintains her fashion forward thoughts, all while holding firm to her faith, Islam. This woman is extraordinary in what she does, and has taken Hijab(head covering) style, to the essence of beauty. Oh, what I would give to have a piece of her collection!

Taking a little bit of the harem pants style.. and a little hijab to it! LOVE this piece, my favourite. Rabia's collection consists of the not-so-norm head coverings. The way the hijabs fit on each models head in a different and more versatile way can't be anything but brilliant.

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  1. wow this is a really interesting collection

  2. I love muslim couture/fashion!

  3. just brilliant... I want it now!