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Jul 13, 2010

Deepest Apologies

So, if you're one of our avid readers, then you should've realized by now that Ebo and I have not blogged in.... forever. Well, Nedda has more of a stand than I do, seeing as she actually took the time out of the hectic festivities to get online and blog.

I know the last blurb-blah blog we wrote was totally rendering towards the "I swear we'll blog every day route", but we totally lied. Well, not lied, but told half-truths. Both Nedda and I enrolled in summer school, and that has kept us busy. However, due to lazy reasons and tiresome days, I've dropped out. So, you'll probably be seeing a lot more of me.

Now enough with the babbling. I suggest you don't even count this as a blog post.. seeing as its full of (legitimate excuses).


1 comment:

  1. lol, I did summer school too! what were you originally taking? Its so weird, the busier I got, the more I needed to take a break and blog. I know, opposite eh?

    that is so cool! you live in the gta! I'm an hour away, you are so lucky, I love toronto so much! I think if I lived there, I'd actually want to work in retail, but where I live, it's so shittt.

    haha! It was by chance, I want to design the school sweaters, but in my dreams. eek, you should see how bad they actually are :(

    thanks for following! I'm following in a few seconds! <33