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Apr 29, 2010

New Domain + New Photos!

We are proud to announce that we have just bought our little baby blog a domain name!
What do you think? Has a nice ring to it, no? And so much easier to type. Spread the word to your friends. ;)
And Follow our blog with bloglovin!

Moving on...

My partner, Fatty Feliux, and I did a little photo shoot last Friday. You see, she's in a Yearbook class, and every week they have photo contests--this week, the photo entry needed to be a self portrait. Fatty wanted to look a little glammed up for the photo, so she kindly asked me to do her makeup.
Clearly we took it further than just being a "little glammed up."

Bless her for going through with this, rather than a simple makeup job, because I know so many people who would have never had the courage to take on this image in a self portrait. It really does take a lot. And besides, I think the purple, fairy-like, glittery skin suits her!
When you limit yourself and give into your fears you poison your creativity. Don't ever let that happen to you!

"Don't pay any attention to what they say; just measure it in inches."
- Andy Warhol
More shoots to come in the future! We love to collaborate; Fatty is a great photographer with ideas that shoot out like instant Polaroids and I love to be creative in every which way possible!

Hope you guys like the photos, we're both proud of the results. They were taken with her Canon 350D.

P.S. If you're wondering who won the weekly photo was Fatty herself!

Apr 27, 2010

Tunes Tuesday #1

I, see your eyes, I can see in your eyes, your eyes,
everything in your eyes, your eyes...
Nedda Ebo and I had a bit of a communication mishap yesterday, and forgot who was supposed to do Music Monday. So here's today, Tuesday April 26th, aka, TUNES TUESDAY! (Brilliant isn't it?). For the Mondays we get lazy (or have communication problems), we do Tunes Tuesday.

Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless

A band that is lead by female singer, Taylor Momsen. For all the Gossip Girl watchers out there, you might recognize her as the little-bitch-sister, Jenny. Personally I love her as Jenny on the show, and she seems like she want's to give the music industry a try. She's got chops no doubt!

Photo found here!
Good site.

Apr 25, 2010


Ello All! I know its been super slow again at Mustart, but we've been clouded with tons of Art course work. Nedda Ebo with the Drawing class projects and I with Media Arts(which is a fun course!). We'll try and get more done this week, I promise. If it's any consolation, school will be over in 2 months and we'll be blogging 24/7 during the summer (well maybe not exactly 24/7, but you get what I mean). Felt like blogging about BAGS today, because who doesn't love the styles, colours, and efficiency they bring to an outfit?

Poppy Shoulder Bag by Coach
Bag on Bag by Marc Jacobs

Apr 19, 2010

These things will change..

Can you feel it now? These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down..
Ello all! It's  been at slow week at Mustart, but its that time of week again, MUSIC MONDAY (Can you hear the applause...I'm imagining it). Monday always seems to be the most hated day of the week--seeing as it marks the first day back to work, school, and lack of sleep. But, theres always something to make your Monday less hindering; and that thing is MUSIC!

Taylor Swift's Change is this weeks song choice, and it may be old, but seeing as she did a kick-ass performance of the song yesterday on the ACM's, I had to post it up. It didn't receive a lot of hype on the mainstream music scene, but it is one of my favourites.

Apr 14, 2010

Things to L O V E

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Into The Wild trench coat, $650
Leather hobo bag, $575 

Apr 12, 2010

Now that she's back from that soul vacation..

Tracing her way through the constellation, hey...

It's Music Monday again! This week's featured song is Drops of Jupiter by Train. As you probably well know, their song "Hey, Soul Sister" has climbed the charts and currently sits at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Many critics and listeners think that the band of three would would be a one hit wonder, but I've got a feeling they'll be wrong. This week's song is as soulful and mainstream-friendly as Soul Sister, and seems to be a favourite online.

There's something incredibly sexy about Patrick Monahan's voice. It makes you want to continue to listen to the lyrics he's spitting out. Mind you, it's not an overrated love song (Nedda Ebo and I try to avoid those as much as possible). Check out the song below!

Now that she's back in the atmosphere...
With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey...

Hope you all had a fantastic Monday!
P.S. If you've got a song that is interesting and want to see featured next week, tell us what it is! We're always open to new music.

Apr 9, 2010


...and the City. Oh, you dirty dirty minded people...I'm talking about the MOVIE! The second installment of The Sex and City movie comes out May 27th. Everyone who's anyone knows the reason most people watch Sex and the City is because of the  -fashion-. The obnoxious rose pins, long flowing tails, tightly tailored suits, peep toe Jimmy Choo's--basically every piece of clothing, from head to toe, is the reason.

TV shows, movies, photoshoots, runways... Fashion wise, all of those would be boring without the help of a Stylist. Of course, if it weren't for the designers, then the stylist wouldn't have anything to work with. Who is the glamorous and innovative stylist of the stars of Sex and the City you may ask? Well... its Patricia Field. This lucky @!:#) has got talent. Just check out the trailer below, and you'll see what I mean.

Apr 8, 2010

Xtina and D*Face, Slash and Ron English...

What's next?

It's fabulous that artists like D*Face and Ron English are expanding their names in pop culture by making album covers for artists! Yay!

This is D*Face's album cover for Christina Aguilera's new album Bionic,
And Ron English's for Slash Hudson's solo album R & FN’ R,

 What do YOU think? Who's is better?

Apr 5, 2010

. . There's a beat I was m i s s i n g . .

Today's song for Music Monday is Acapella by Kelis.

Not only is this a great song, but the video deserves it's own spotlight. This is a total visual orgasm for all who appreciate the beauty of sight. I'm not sure how Kelis went from Milkshake (which is also a fab record) to this, but I'd say she's definitely on the right track.

What's noteworthy about the song is that the lyrics refer to love without being cliché. BIG BONUS. I find most love songs are a complete turn off because they lack uniqueness...who agrees?

What do you think of Kelis' new single?

Apr 4, 2010

shady #3

Linda Farrow

Apr 3, 2010

Go big, go wild.

"Its not the camera, it's the photographer"

I've always been interested in Photography. The way you can capture an emotion or movement in a still image fascinated me. You can go from pure innocence to rebellious edge in the click of a button. I used a point-and-shoot camera for the longest time, trying out different angles and positions to make me feel like what I perceived as a real photographer. It took a lot of convincing and patience for my parents to finally give in and get me an SLR(My aunt actually bought it for me, love her.)
I guess it was the need to feel more mature holding an SLR than the typical digital that gave me that boost. I take my Canon wherever I go now, whether it be for a walk, Toronto, or even indoors of my camera-whore cat. I always have my digital with me also, as its a lot easier to pull out. You can take great photos, no matter what camera you have. I'm not going to tell you all that I've perfected the art of photography, because I haven't. I still have a lot to learn (seriously, a lot).

 Camera Whore Cat.

The Beach is a great place to take photos, and they usually turn out cliché(Unless you make something out of it.).
The following photos, I did not edit (I suck at Photoshop, so I try and limit my use). These are some photos I took this past summer, except for the first one. The first one is of friend at a local beach, except the sun wasn't out... The rest are of my brother at the cottage last Summer.