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Apr 12, 2010

Now that she's back from that soul vacation..

Tracing her way through the constellation, hey...

It's Music Monday again! This week's featured song is Drops of Jupiter by Train. As you probably well know, their song "Hey, Soul Sister" has climbed the charts and currently sits at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Many critics and listeners think that the band of three would would be a one hit wonder, but I've got a feeling they'll be wrong. This week's song is as soulful and mainstream-friendly as Soul Sister, and seems to be a favourite online.

There's something incredibly sexy about Patrick Monahan's voice. It makes you want to continue to listen to the lyrics he's spitting out. Mind you, it's not an overrated love song (Nedda Ebo and I try to avoid those as much as possible). Check out the song below!

Now that she's back in the atmosphere...
With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey...

Hope you all had a fantastic Monday!
P.S. If you've got a song that is interesting and want to see featured next week, tell us what it is! We're always open to new music.


  1. Train is amazing. I still turn up the volume when this song comes on the radio...! I love the idea of "Music Mondays!" I will be back next Monday for sure ;)

  2. I remember this song and how much they played it on the radio when it was number one.
    Never gets old

  3. Oh man, I totally forgot about this song!