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Apr 3, 2010

Go big, go wild.

"Its not the camera, it's the photographer"

I've always been interested in Photography. The way you can capture an emotion or movement in a still image fascinated me. You can go from pure innocence to rebellious edge in the click of a button. I used a point-and-shoot camera for the longest time, trying out different angles and positions to make me feel like what I perceived as a real photographer. It took a lot of convincing and patience for my parents to finally give in and get me an SLR(My aunt actually bought it for me, love her.)
I guess it was the need to feel more mature holding an SLR than the typical digital that gave me that boost. I take my Canon wherever I go now, whether it be for a walk, Toronto, or even indoors of my camera-whore cat. I always have my digital with me also, as its a lot easier to pull out. You can take great photos, no matter what camera you have. I'm not going to tell you all that I've perfected the art of photography, because I haven't. I still have a lot to learn (seriously, a lot).

 Camera Whore Cat.

The Beach is a great place to take photos, and they usually turn out cliché(Unless you make something out of it.).
The following photos, I did not edit (I suck at Photoshop, so I try and limit my use). These are some photos I took this past summer, except for the first one. The first one is of friend at a local beach, except the sun wasn't out... The rest are of my brother at the cottage last Summer.
High School Musical... or so Nedda Ebo says.
Use Somebody.

I'll be sure to post newer and better pictures-- like I said, I'm still learning! Hope you all have a good Saturday!
P.S: If you've got photos or a blog, comment below, I'd love to see anyones work.


  1. OMG you took all these pictures?? With your new SLR? I love em all! The shot of your cat is priceless! I mean, just look at that expression! :) And I can say the same about the last picture.. I love every aspect of it that you captured.. brilliant work :)

    PS: I also love your friend's nail color! :)

    Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE

  2. kitty cat is way too photogenic for its own good