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Mar 29, 2010

You'd Better Find Some Rhythm Cause They're Playing Bad Romance.

It's Music Monday again.
Above Picture by ME! (C) N.B.
Yes, Bad Romance is included in the title of this post, however, the song is actually BEAT DROP by SIMON CURTIS.

Simon Curtis is currently unsigned and unknown in the mainstream world, but that's all about to change. His popularity is growing quickly, and in the last few days his FREE album, 8Bit Heart, has been downloaded a couple thousand times. There's no doubt we're loving the beats he's dropping, so if you haven't downloaded his FREE album yet, join the hype and do so now by going on his website WWW.SIMON-CURTIS.COM. Everyone loves a good dose of pop!

I personally can't wait until he gets signed and starts to get some airplay.

ENJOY and don't forget to download 8Bit Heart! Have a great Monday!!


  1. great pic, you're really talented!

  2. havent heard of him before but i like his music ;)