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Mar 28, 2010


 “I just try to show people the way I see the world.”

No, I'm not talking about the obnoxious song by "LMFAO", I'm talking about photographic shots. I found out about Tyler Shields while I was browsing Flickr one day. Someone had commented on a photo of someone elses and said "So Tyler Shields, LOVE IT". Me, being the curious amateur, decided to Google this "Tyler Shields" fellow. I fell in love with his work instantly. Shields got into the industry at the mere age of 20 (Damn, I'm jealous). For 7 years now, he's been taking the term "Photography" to the extreme, effortlessly. His photographs are modern, like it, or hate it, it's still art. Of course, his work couldn't be considered as "snapshots", as you can tell he puts a lot of effort. It's a wonder how he gets some of the celebrities he takes photos of to do the crazy things he comes up with. His work has been published all over the place, including Rolling Stone and Vogue Italia(BIG DEAL!!!!!). From Ashley Greene to Oscar Nominee Anna Kendrick, Tyler Shields has got beautiful photographs, with beautiful models.
Ah, Sean Faris. Lovely. I said beautiful didn't I?
 See what I mean when I say imaginative?
He's like the Lady Gaga of Photography.
Brittany Snow.
 ..Or you'll get your tongue cut off.
He used a real heart for this one!
Yes it does.
Paris love.
One of my favourites. It's not the typically boring "in-the-studio-wearing-a-tutu-shot".
Ashley Greene. Tyler Shields asks, "Whos hand do you think it is?"

Check out more of his work here!
Follow him on twitter: here! 
YouTube: here!
Hope you enjoy his work, I know I do!


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  3. you should look up his video portraits on youtube. they're just as imaginative as his photography...captivating/strange/sexy. i quite like his work, but i'm a bigger fan of David LaChappelle, now HE is the Lady Gaga of photography

  4. Amazing! Very creative man!

  5. the sean faris video is just pure self aware sex.
    loves it.


  6. I have to say no one keeps me informed like you do. I love this (your) blog and enjoyed tyler shields photos... Cheers!