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Aug 9, 2010

No One Man Should Have All That POWER.

Hey folks! This is our first blog post in a long while. Sorry for being so dead. But we're back, I can ensure you this much.

This monday, I knew I HAD to share this video with you guys for Music Monday. I love the song, too. I really do. But the video is spectacular.
Ladies and Gents, behold:
Kanye West's Power
I am completely blown away by this masterpiece! Kanye collaborated with artist/director Marco Brambilla.

After he saw 'Civilization', a video that Brambilla made for The Standard [Hotel], Kanye blogged about it, and then became interested in working with him on the video for Power.
See the video 'Civilization' below:
Brambilla explained that he thought of the song as "a symbol, an icon of power about to fall, like an emperor about to fall." He describes the video as "a video portrait of Kanye as this symbol of power." On the inspiration for the video, he says "I think the visual inspiration for me was definitely the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel; they are kind of bombastic and iconic." The inspiration is quite evident, since "Power" looks very much like a reinaissance painting.
Kanye makes a bounty of crazy decisions; half good, half bad. Maybe it's a little stupid to exchange your bottom row of teeth for diamonds, but he has always proven himself as a great artist. He's experimental with his music, his visuals, and his overall image. Especially fashion-wise; can we give this boy an award for being the best-dressed rapper? Recall: my personal favourite, the denim-on-denim look.
And that's that. Leave a comment below telling us what you thought of the video!

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  1. can't stand him but damn, he's got good music!