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Aug 21, 2010

Blake Lively in Interview

Blake Lively is the cover-girl for Interview Magazine's September 2010 issue.

Can I just say that the photoshoot by Craig McDean is...MIND. BLOWING.
Photoshoot video by Craig McDean.
I've always thought of McDean as one of those God-given gifts to photography. Or perhaps even to mankind. The prison-film effect on the photos really did it for me; he could have just left the shots the way they were (with a bit of enhancing in colour and whatnot of course), but why not add a beautiful visual effect to a beautiful photo? And a very fitting one at that, too.

He also did an outstanding, provocative photoshoot with Megan Fox (and her mannequin twin) for the June/July issue of Interview.  Click here to see it.
Gee, this photoshoot is just perfection. Praise for Blake. Praise for Craig. *claps*

Additionally, Blake was interviewed by Ben Affleck for the issue, and it was quite a nice read. They talked about their new upcoming movie The Town among a few other ramblings and a bit of funny dialogue as well. Click here to read it.
Speaking of The's the trailer:
I want to see it just for those nuns with guns.
What do you guys think? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. these are indeed perfect!Love Blake!

  2. i feel like she photographs so well but in films she sometimes is just ok :/


  3. thanks for sharing this, definitely starting to like blake more and more.

    don't forget to check out my GIVEAWAY :)

  4. I'm loving this darker portrayal of Blake.
    And I agree, Craig McDean is great!


  5. i love this editorial! i had no idea blake was interviewed by ben affleck... thanks for the link!

    p.s. can't wait for GG to start again, haha!


  6. LOVE it - very different for blake! i think she's fantastic. very relatable, cool girl.

    you should definitely go see "vampires suck" - it was absurd. and really hilarious!


    immanquables !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  8. she is crazy photogenic. something about her works so well in print.


  9. Love Blake Lively!And this photo shoot is amazing!Def going to see 'The town'
    follow if u like

  10. Always loved her MUCH MORE than Leighton. She's just got that something about her. Fucking gorgeous.

  11. heyy! thanks for following!

    i FUCKINg LOOOOOVEEE blake lively and i agree ashley k. i love the darker portral of her,

    now IM DEFINATLY going to see The Town. LOVE rebecca hall and ben afflack.

    damn. i love blake lively even more now. she's going to be BIGGGGG. love gossip girl too ;p