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Aug 9, 2010

The Monster Ball.

(I totally should have blogged about this way earlier, but better late than never.)
On Sunday, July 11th,
I attended Lady Gaga's Monster Ball in Toronto.
Best. Musical. Experience. EVER.

There we are on the far left.
I attended with my mom and my cousin. We had VIP Floor Tickets so we were standing right in front; practically a perfect view, until she got to the catwalk, where we only saw her ass.

Everyone should attend a Lady Gaga concert at least once in their lifetimes. I say this confidently because I caught my mom smiling, dancing, and singing along to the lyrics many times throughout the night (and she wasn't too excited about going because she thought she'd be attending a "satanic porn show", but later on told me she thought it was in fact "very decent" in regards to the suggestiveness).

The show has a storyline with elements from Wizard of Oz and her own past in New York. Her and her friends are trying to find their way to the Monster Ball and must overcome a set of obstacles to make it to their final destination. There's music, dialogue, as well as some personal talk from Lady Gaga to the audience and her Little Monsters.

Before we start with the tsunami of kick-ass pictures, I'm just going to let you know that I didn't take these. While I enjoyed my time yelling, dancing, and watching Gaga, my lovely mother took all the pictures for me. And they turned out DAMN GOOD too.

When doors opened, Gaga's good friend from New York was DJing. Lady Starlight used to Go-Go Dance with Gaga before she was famous; they wore indian headdresses, lit hairspray on fire, and danced to heavy metal tracks. Starlight was so energetic, and girl got good taste in music! She was spinning classic rock records on vinyl--yup, vinyl, not some electronic DJ crap.

Then came the opening act: Semi Precious Weapons. Also friends of Gaga from New York, these glam rockers are on a mission to bring Rock N Roll back. Justin Tranter spat champagne at the crowd!

And then, at 9:00,
there she was: Gaga in all her glamorous glory.
She started the show off with a track she only performs live: Glitter and Grease.
Her ass was so close, I felt like I could grab it.
She was looking at me around this time 8D
Now I should probably let you know what I was doing while all this took place. Well, each time she came around to my side of the stage and took a glance at me, I gave her the middle finger. Yup, that's right, I flipped my idol off. Why? I don't really know. But I think it has something to do with the fact that she has a fascination of her own with flipping people off, so I decided to give it back to her, I suppose. I was secretly hoping she'd give the finger back to me, but that never happened. (Although, she did glare at me a few times, and even pointed at me!)

Click the More! >> Button for lots of goodies after the jump ;D

The dancer on the left, Michael, was smirking at ME here! I was throwing up heart signs and yelling his name out ♥
This outfit...oh God. I don't know if I like it, but it's just so quirky, it makes me laugh when I see it.
The over-sized disco stick was entertaining. It doubles as a flashlight, did you know? After she finished singing LoveGame she said "Let me get a good look at you guys," and flashed her disco stick around the crowd so she could see us all.
Tell me that keytar isn't BADASS.
This part of the night was really nice. She got down on her good ol' flaming piano and played Speechless for us. In addition to that, she also played a new song off her new album called You and I. It hasn't been released officially; she just plays it live. But it's a beautiful song. I was one of the first people to scream out the name of the song when she asked the crowd if we know what the title was, and also one of the few to sing all the lyrics. Superfan? I think so.
By far the best and most beautiful picture of the night. Well...maybe the shot of her ass is a close second.

THIS, folks, is what Gaga likes to call The Living Dress. Inspired by Hussein Chalayan's Spring 2007 collection, this dress has batteries and mechanisms installed between the fabric that makes it move. My God, this was quite a spectacle, seeing Gaga's dress move as she rose up on her platform and sang So Happy I Could Die.

Gaga changed THREE TIMES during Monster. First she came out looking like a blob of hair, then she took it off to reveal the outfit in the photo above, and then her dancers huddled over her aggressively and out jumped a bloody Gaga in a black leotard.
He ate my heart and then he ate my brain...
In these two shots, Gaga was looking at me and showing me her teeth. It's funny how these two photos in particular had to turn out blurry. Anyway, here's a video of her pointing at me and my cousin at 0:11, when she sings "Got no salvation."
My favourite part of the night. Alejandro. At the very beginning of the song, Gaga sang the oh-owoah-owo-oah part in a very sad, melancholic voice. It resonated. It gave me goosebumps. Those 15 seconds of her singing made me want to cry. I tried watching videos of it after, but it just didn't do it any justice. But here's a pretty decent video if you wanna see:

It sucked not being able to get good pictures of her singing Poker Face, because this outfit was so nice. She was on the catwalk the whole damn time for this song.

Paparazzi was SO COOL. She was fighting a giant monster and used her flaming female weapons to kill him! The only song after Paparazzi was Bad Romance, and the concert was over.

But the night was still young for my crew. I insisted that we go to the hotel that Gaga was rumored to be staying at to see if we could catch her. Instead, we saw Starlight walking around outside smoking a cigarette. I called her over and she was a total sweetheart; gave us both a hug; she told me I look great. We chatted a bit and got a crappy phone picture...what a great time for my camera to be dead.

After that we grabbed some junk from McDonalds and pigged out at home.

If you lasted through this whole blog post, you are a trooper and I salute you. Now be an even better trooper and leave a comment. Much love. XO.


  1. back in April, i went to this Monster ball too, in Australia
    i was very close to the stage, it was F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S !!!!
    great photos !
    a new fashion blogger based in Australia and Hong Kong.
    I will have a ""what is in my bag" post in few days, stay tune !

  2. Your sooo lucky.
    im jelous.

  3. LOL @ the "her @$$ was so close..." looks like an amazing concert.

  4. Hi
    How are u doing?
    I'm so glad that u liked my blog. Yeah! I wear some funny lipsticks and some people that see me on streets start laugh. I dont care but sometimes is funny see people here in Japan scared.
    The colour that I used was D'Lilac from I think u will like.
    She comes here in last april with The Monster Ball tour and I didnt went see her . I was busy and I feel regretful for that. I will see the video.
    Have a great night!

  5. thanks for the lovely comment, I am following u too =D

  6. hahaha awww your dear mum!! i love the "very decent" conclusion she came to.... i took mine to a marylin manson concert once... that was FAR from decent lol. its more like going to the theater than going to a concert.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love that girl , Lady Gaga. I saw her in the O2 in London in May: it was absolutely stunnning! I also took some photos that I posted on my blog. I also took a great video, including the moment when she was singing "stand by me" on the piano: but I didn't manage to put it on my blog...

  8. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I would love to see Lady Gaga in concert. Highly doubt she would come to Calgary. Can you imagine a pantless cowboy outfit :)

  9. Great post!! I had so much fun for the Toronto Monster Ball, it was such a great experience!! Can't wait till shes back in March

  10. i saw her in london!
    she was incredible

  11. Wow! Lady Gaga looks like she can put on one heck of a show. x

  12. Mustart,
    Hahaha you are VERY CUTE.
    I was having a conversation with my bf last night and he said I should mention that the pen is actually his, I always stole his
    Its a pen that we can get from those stationary stores, its some a kind if ink pen the brand is uniball, model is vision needle micro 0.5
    if you really want one, I can post it to you when I get back to Australia, which will be October.
    Thanks for such a cute comment. =D
    A fashion blogger based in Australia and Hong Kong.
    you can also follow me on twitter
    and blog lovin


  13. It looks like Gaga puts on quite a show!

  14. omg you are so lucky to see Gaga!
    those photos are awesomeee, you must have been in a real good spot to get those pictures.
    thanks for sharing the fantasticness!!

  15. Oh my goodness, I bet this was an amazing night! She looks a little Madonna-esque in these pics!

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  16. wow seems like a fab night!

    Designer sunglasses giveaway!!

  17. lucky!

    ps, i dig your blog. thanks for checking out mine too :)



    I love gaga so much! I lastest through this entire post :p

    that was a hilarious move, the middle finger. I've never been to a concert, but did you guys get front seats by ticket purchase or going ultra early?


  19. i'm so excited to see her tonight!!!! ps, love your mustart logo :)



  20. i saw semi precious weapons this summer and tranter spat champaign at us too! it was such a crazy concert and lady gaga crowd surfed