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Aug 18, 2010

Bloody ell, Emma Watson!

HAS GOTTEN A HAIRCUT. I mean, either way, the girl is gorgeous, but still, this haircut....Blimey' it's beautiful!

Emma Watson is the popular bushy-haired (once upon a time ago) girl from the world-wide phenomenon known as Harry Potter. The series, consisting of 7 books, was taken to the big screen back in '02, and since then Emma Watson has been in the spotlight. From cameos in music videos to couture photo shoots, this girl has done mostly everything--she's even attending college in the states (where she happens to have very attractive friends).
At the mere age of 20, this British-born actress has topped the money-makers chart, all while stealing the hearts of pubescent and hormonal teenage boys out there (along with their uber jealous girlfriends).
Here she is with her long hairdo for Burberry last Fall.
With co-star Daniel Radcliffe in Empire Magazine November issue 2009.
With her boyfriend, George Craig, at Glastonbury Music Festival.
Click to see her new hairdo, plus, more photos from magazine spreads!
Photoshoot with Ellen Von Unwerth (I would do anything to be that lady's intern).
Her Harper's Bazaar spread. Look. At. That. Body.
And now... the unveiling of her fabulous new hairdo.

Stunning, absolutely stunning.

If you've watched/read any of the Harry Potter films/books, which is YOUR favourite?


  1. omg, i love emma! while i thought she looks stunning with long hair, she is gorgeous to say the least with her new short hair! i wouldn't have the courage to cut my hair...

    fun fact... i was never a harry potter fan... just saw the first movie&i didn't become a fan. but yeah, i first saw emma in that movie ^_^

    xx from

  2. ohhh i can't make my mind up whether i love it or hate it

  3. loving this feature on ewatson! gf's got it going on!

  4. She's gorgeous, I love her new hair :)

  5. The burberry ad she was in is stunning!

    Adèle -

  6. Just paint them, once they are on your parents will just have to accept them haha, sorry for being a bad influence heheh.. when i was 14 i painted a picture of a surfer on the back of my door, it looked so sick, well i thought so at the time haha... it has since been painted over when i moved rooms :)

    Vanilah xx

  7. My sister showed me these pictures a few days ago, and my first reaction was "whaat?", but when I got a better look at it I thought it looked good on her. Her face is so feminine that I think it can take a short haid-do like that.

  8. she's all grown up now, it could be a really amazing to have mega-productions documenting own aging - as she does.

  9. Emma Watson is the essence of an "english rose". She's effing GORGEOUS!!!

    i have to say though, i prefer her with her gorgeous long golden locks, but she looks good with this pixie cut nevertheless

  10. i love her new hair cut actually. suits her well..