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Sep 5, 2010

School Shopping Sex

Summer is coming to an end... and that means SHOPPING.
Shopping, if done and spent well, can get very tiring, but in the end, one is happy with their productivity. If the consumer is happy, then the economy is happy (At least, that's what I tell my mum when trying to convince her to let me buy something expensive...). Hello! this is 2010, if shopping is the only thing keeping the economy booming, then I say... why the hell not? Not only is this time of year the second to Christmas in terms of spending $$, but it's one of the busiest. From last minute purchases, to the swipe of the card that you know you'll eventually have to pay, it's all in good fun... and debt.
Clothes aren't the only thing... I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but the smell of new school supplies leaves me intoxicated. I love buying new ink pens, or writing the first word on a fresh piece of paper. Who needs alchohol when you can have safe eye sex with a new notebook? Who needs romance when you've got a sexy and chic ink pen as a boyfriend?

The one thing that leaves me disappointed every year, is the lack of range and fashion sense that some teens have today. Watching shows like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars really gets me excited about school fashion, but in the end, its all the same Abercrombie & Fitch tee-ripped jeans-converse kind of style. It's so hard to find someone who's not the perfect teenage stereotype. Seriously, if I could add anything to the walking billboard ways of highschool, it would be REAL FASHION.

The skirts a little short for school rules... but who follows those anyway?
Although this is from a season one episode... I still think about Jenny Humphreys (Taylor Momsen) outfit. LOOK AT THAT JACKET.

Dream Highschool Sweetheart. Goodness, why do guys have to wear over sized t-shirts and fake Ed Hardy shirts.... "to look cool".
Would kill for the jacket Blair(Leighton Meester) is wearing.
ith the fashion that goes around in typical highschools... this would even be an improvement. I actually quite like the cardigan.
Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields... it would be rare to see anyone dressed like that at my high school. Sigh, I wish I went somewhere where people didn't over wear Uggs and Sweatpants like it was underwear.

They all have a sense of style that fits them. I know its a TV show... but I'm sure there are tons of people out there like this. In fact, if I wouldn't get scrutinized for it, hell, I would dress up like this to school. I really wish people didn't avoid knee-high socks like it was the plague.
Yes, I realize that most things are expensive, but the money some of these teens spend on a flimsy, and sometimes ugly Hollister sweater... they could buy a decently original and fashion-forward outfit with. There are so many ways one can replicate the outfits on the tele. In fact, here are more of my favourites. I'm sure with a little bit of looking, and not a blind eye for good & fashionable clothing... one could actually pull off these outfits for a much cheaper price.

What do you wish you could wear/ or would've worn while you were in school? And what was popular when you were a teenager? Lets us know below!

P.S: You probably think I go to someschool with no fashion at all... Its rare to find, but there are a few people who actually dress out-of-the-box. Maybe we'll feature them sometime in a post.
 P.P.S: For a good read, check out this article here. "The Confessions of a Private School Teacher'


  1. there's so much inspiration in Gossip Girl..
    as for guys wearing over sized tshirts, so not cool. :D

  2. Oh I so agree about everything you've said here! Nothing like a new notebook (and clothes..) x

  3. Haha, this is a great post... At first when I saw the title I was like.. What the hell! Being in my 3rd year of university... smelly gel pens are a novelty haha I miss the days of me and my mom shopping looking for the best gel pens and new pencil cases!

    Adèle -

  4. love GG fashion!

  5. seriously, ed hardy tees need to be burned.


  6. Wonderful post!
    I've yet to watch Pretty Little Liars, but I've read the books - it looks wonderful.
    Love, Athena. xxx