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Jan 7, 2011

Michelle, I really do wish you well.

Hello all,
Are you listening? Yes, we are horrible horrible horrible bloggers, neglecting this baby for a long time. Lets just say we were extremely busy with senior year, and I guess we kind of lost inspiration and motivation to write. And its not like you want bloggers who aren't like... 100% willing to blog...thats just dishonest blogging. But I might just be trying to justify our lack of blogging.....

Thats all that matters yes? (Just agree)

So, who remembers when we blogged about Simon Curtis? Well, back in March of last year, we blogged about him here, Now, what did we say about him getting popular? Well, WE WERE RIGHT (insert super snobby "I told ja so" look here)

Ladies and gentlemen, Simon Curtis, is going be debuting at the freaking ROXY. Opening for 'Glees' Cory Monteiths band, Bonnie Dune. So it is literally confirmed that Simon Curtis is one step away from being the first boy Robot to shimmy his way into stardom. Here at Mustart, we always thought so ever since we scrammed to download his 8Bit album. He converted our hearts to Robot material after his album was available for download, and now we are forever faithful fans---I mean, robots.

Recently, Simon collaborated with another up and coming artist, Ro Danishei, in this song:

Fellow bloggers, do not deny the obvious kickassness that is this song. Simon and Ro will both be at  the Roxy, so if you're in and around the LA area, GO. January 9th people!

This song, has 885 plays on my iTunes. Ridiculousness. People, download Simons album, check him out on twitter...Simon Curtis will make it BIG.

You can still download his first album, 8Bit Heart, for FREE, here.
Visit his twitter page here.

Mark our words, Simon Curtis is the first Robot to step out on the scene in this new decade.

Much loving for the Mmustart side,
Forever promising to never neglect again

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