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May 3, 2010

Cant Be Tamed

So, I realized today after Nedda Ebo told me in English class that the Music Monday post didn't work yesterday. So, let me just rephrase and reword a couple of things to make it WORK TODAY.

Before that face of disgust comes on (if you're not a fan of the singer)... this weeks Music Monday is......................
Can't Be Tamed-Miley Cyrus.
Give the song a listen first (then you can judge whether you like it or not). It's got kind of a Britney Spears/Xtina-esque vibe, and seems like it'll do good on the charts.

Nedda Ebo isn't that big of a fan of MC, but this song is quite catchy. I've taken a liking to it, loving the beat and the vocals behind them. A sigh of relief may be let out to all of those who aren't big fans of Miley, because on June 22nd, her last album is being released (as of now). She wants to focus more on movies, and I think this is a good song to be released for the first single! She'll be hosting the MMVAS(MuchMusic Video Awards) in Toronto Canada this year! Quite exciting.

The video just came out today, CHECK IT OUT! I LOVE IT!!


  1. like this blog. a lot :)

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  2. Wow, great post!
    Also.. we are obsessed with your blog!!
    Love, love, love it!!!

  3. miley's the chosen one !
    great blog, babe.

  4. I love her! I prefere her music to acting :(
    - Adele