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May 2, 2010

Jamie Nelson

I'm sure some of you are familiar with either her work or her name. She is my favourite fashion photographer, she isss...Jamie Nelson.
The New York-based photographer's work has been showin in numerous international publications, ad campaigns, and billboards. Some of which include Cosmo UK, Vanity Fair Italy, Lula, Nylon, Olay, Make Up For Ever, Warner Brothers, and Disney!

What I love about her photography is her ability to capture faces so gracefully and flawlessly. Her strength seems to lie in close-ups, which is rare; portraits are one of the hardest things to photograph.

I encourage you all to visit her website,, and view all the photos she has posted up. You won't be disappointed!

More photos below the jump.


  1. Love the ones with the lemon.. and her photo totally sold me on Make Up Forever hahah I want some now

  2. great photography, we love the lips on that girl!

    stop by our new fashion blog, we hope you love it. xx