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Feb 15, 2010

Be myyyy valentine...crap, that was yesterday.

I'm a day late, but so what, this needs to be shared.

I love Kina Grannis! When I heard Message From Your Heart a while back, I was astounded by her talent. I really enjoy the lyrics as much as her soft tunes (she writes her own songs, by the way)--"This is a message from your heart, your most devoted body part, taking blood and making art." This is the kind of music I can imagine being played in Starbucks while enjoying a nice Cinnamon Dolce Latte, mmm...

And the Valentine video, aww, so cute. I love the animation falling like dominoes. "So won't you be my honey bee?"

Check out her official website and YouTube page. And, do as the website says...pre-order her album 'Stairwells' NOW. It'll be signed by Kina herself! HELLO people, she's going to be famous one day, and 10 years from now this signed CD will be worth thousands...!

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