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Feb 28, 2010


It drives us. It makes us more determined to beat someone. It's evil, and can usually turn to become flat out vile. It's sometimes a pain. A grudge. A ticking bomb waiting to explode. It makes you want to scream. Want to stop. It sometimes deludes you. Changes your way of thinking. Should I play fair? Or dirty. Do I really want this for myself? Does the other person want it more than I do? Am I really worth it? CAN I beat them? My country depends on me. My team depends on me. My family depends on me. My coach, my friends. But do I depend on myself?

What does it take to be an Olympian? Do you have to be mentally stable as well as physically? Could you really face your countries wrath if you lose? Or if you win, their ever-so-elated hugs and congratulations? Could you take the fame that comes with a win, or the scrutiny that comes with a loss? Would you, after 4 years of intense practice, grueling 7 hour days, and injuries unknown to the typical, be able to run through your event easily? Or will it be hard. Will all the thoughts running through your head make you screw up, or victorious? Will the weight of your country on your shoulders make you more determined to come out on top, or will you fall to the bottom.

The 21st Olympic Winter games are sadly coming to a close, and in less than 1 hour the fate of the Canadian hockey team will be put on the line. Will they beat Team USA in the game of the year? Or will they once again, fall too short.

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