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Feb 9, 2010

Like a Virgin

Oh, stop being so dirty minded! Welcome to Mustart, where we squeeze the goods into your system and hopefully it stays there. We're two obnoxiously talented teenagers who want to blog about fashion, life, art, and everything in between. I'm Fatma, and my sidekicks name is Nedda.

Seriously though, we'd actually want to keep this blog going. We've got to get settled in for now, get a nice template going(thats the Tech-Detailed Maria's job) and stuff like that. For the first couple of weeks, we'd probably be blogging more to ourselves than actual readers.. but we won't fret, we shall keep bloggin until readers come flocking through like ostriches (Do ostriches fly..?)

Nedda will do her best to help ensure that you all hear our roaring voices through the blogs we post. And I shall do my best to not annoy her about colour schemes being purple.

That is all for now.
This is not the last of us!
Fatma and Nedda
P.S: First picture is of the new Burberry Spring Line 2010. Love that trenchcoat... not so much the malnourished model.

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