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Feb 14, 2010

Be The Change.

Tuesday February 9th marked one of the best days of my life. I, along with Maria and other friends met.....wait for it.......CRAIGfreakingKIELBURGER!

I know, you're probably thinking, who the hell is that? Well, Craig is the founder of "Free the Children" organization. He, and eleven other schoolmates started the organization when they were at the mere age of 12. Craig had seen a newspaper article on a young enslaved boy in India who had been killed. He then set out to change that, back then, he had no idea it would one day be THIS big.

The idea of Free the Children is to literally, free enslaved and underprivileged children from their misery. Help them get food, clean water, and have an education that we undoubtedly take advantage of. We all know we live in a good place. We have a roof atop ourselves, food, and not as many hardships. There are starving kids in Kenya who go days without food, child soldiers in Sudan who are thrown into the world of violence, families in India who get torn apart because of slavery. In todays world, there are 28 million slaves. What Free the Children wants to do, is minimize that number; because right now, 14 out of that 28 million, are children.

Free the Children is children helping children. One way that they do that, is through donations. You can donate at !Also, if you're still a student, you could start your own Me To We group at school, where you could potentially fund raise for this great cause. The Free the Children website has a great start up kit, and you could also get guest speakers/coordinators.

We live in a world were we've got to ACT in order to see the change. So, I leave you with the Free The Children slogan, and a very humble quote by the honourable Gandhi...

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

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